Even though he didn't play a single game for them during the 2012 NBA Playoffs, Lamar Odom is technically still a member of the Dallas Mavericks. For now, at least. The plan is for Mark Cuban & Co. to try and trade Odom prior to June 29 in order to avoid having to pay him the $2.4 million in guaranteed money that he still has left on his current contract. Otherwise, they'll have to waive him and pay him that amount for doing, well, nothing for them last season.

If and when the Mavericks do that—it's probably more "when" than "if"—Odom would then be a free agent and be able to sign with whatever team he wants. So, that means he'd head back to the Lakers and make his wife happy, right? Eh, maybe not. According to a source close to Odom, he'd also reportedly be open to playing for—drumroll, please!—the Knicks next season.

"Lamar is big on being comfortable," the source says, "and New York is somewhere he can be comfortable…It definitely won't be the fiasco that it was last year. He wants to find a place where he can end his career, and New York is ideal. He's won championships in the past and he wants to win another. And, to do it there would be great."

Don't get too excited, though, Knicks fans. Odom also liked the idea of going to Dallas because he thought they had a realistic chance of winning another 'chip, and…yeah, you saw how that turned out. So, you better think long and hard about whether or not you really want him. Stay tuned.

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[via ESPN New York]