Big week for Kate Upton, eh? First, there was this. And then, this. And now comes the news that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl will soon be getting her very own Topps trading card. Yep, you read that right. Topps is putting together a special collection of limited-edition Allen & Ginter baseball cards that will feature notable MLB stars like Justin Verlander, Hank Aaron, and Albert Pujols. But, it will also feature folks like Michael Phelps, Kirk Herbstreit, Michael Buffer, and—you guessed it—Ms. Upton.

And, the fun doesn't stop there. In addition to having her own card, Upton will also provide an article of clothing to Topps that will be cut up into pieces. Those pieces will then be inserted into packs of the cards (Hmmm…We wonder what piece of clothing it will be?).

So, make sure you grab a pack (or 10!) for your chance to own an Upton card. That's the closest you're ever gonna get to taking her home.

[via ESPN Playbook]

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