Apparently, the best way to reach Joakim Noah these days is to text his girlfriend Amanda. And, former University of Arizona point guard/current French pro league player Nic Wise found that out the hard way when he texted her and received a rather terse response from Joakim himself.

"This her phone," it read, "but this Joakim Noah Amanda's dude how you meet her bruh."

Wise found Noah's response funny and immediately posted the text to Twitter. He also put together a meme featuring Noah and the words "SAY MAN…HOW YOU MEET HER BRUH?" (see it in the thumbs above), tried to jumpstart a "#HowYouMeetHerBruh" hashtag (it doesn't seem like it caught on), and later issued this half-hearted apology:

Meanwhile, Joakim posted this tweet...

…and kept it moving. Hey, at least we know where to find Joakim if we need him, right? Nice try, Nic.

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[via Terez Owens]