The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight on ESPN at 8 PM and the Brooklyn Nets have a 7.5% chance of winning the first pick. That won't be enough to keep their All-Star point guard, though. Sources have told Yahoo Sports that even if the Nets land Anthony Davis, Deron Williams will not sign an extension. He will only sign a long-term deal if the Nets can deliver Dwight Howard to play alongside him in that brand-spanking new arena in downtown Brooklyn. The Nets are reportedly willing to trade Davis (if they land him) to the Orlando Magic in a deal for Howard and hang on to Brook Lopez in the process.

The kicker? In hopes to still keep Deron interested the Nets made a trade deadline deal for Gerald Wallace last year, but traded this year's first round pick in the deal and only protected it for the first three picks. So, if the Nets don't land in the top three, they're shit out of luck.

Is Isiah Thomas secretly running things over there?

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[via Yahoo! Sports]