The Budnitz Bicycles No. 3 gets a Dutch-inspired remodel with the the No. 3 Honey Special Edition, because sometimes you've just got to remind folks of how ill the last thing you did was with a slight alteration to the last thing you did.

This is exactly what Kid Robot head honcho Paul Budnitz has done with this latest addition to his line of bikes. The No. 3 was designed as "the ultimate urban bicycle." Taking a nod to the city of Holland and it's comprehensive cycling infrastructure, the Honey Special Edition No. 3 bike features extra-large 29-inch German, retro, cream tires, a single-speed or 11-speed internal transmission, a glossy-black with honey-colored leather Brooks titanium saddle and matching leather grips. in other words this bike delivers, with style to spare.

[via Acquire Mag]