If you've ever watched a BMX video and thought to yourself, "Damn, I wish a computer could teach me how to do that." well, then your day has arrived. The Wörthersee e-bike prototype, recently introduced by Audi with a top speed of 50 mph, has been specifically designed to help riders learn how to perform various trick riding techniques with the help of the bike's electric motor and a smart-phone. 

When performing wheelies, for example, an electronic control system supports the rider to maintain balance via the electric motor. The Wörthersee's smart-phone interface then allows for the rider to document their trick riding sessions using video images recorded via an in-helmet camera, which can then be uploaded to the Internet and compared to other users.

This is all very futuristic, and it's awesome that they've figured out a way to help new riders learn trick riding, but you've got to ask yourself: would you ever really want to look like the guy in that last thumb above?

[via PSFK]