Is anyone upset that Tim Tebow is no longer with the Denver Broncos? Last month, his former Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas admitted he wasn't sad to see Tebow get traded to the New York Jets. Now, another one of his former wide receivers has come out and essentially said the same thing. Broncos receiver Eric Decker appeared on 102.3 ESPN in Denver on Monday and said that he liked having Tebow as a teammate but is glad that he doesn't have to talk about Tebowmania 24/7 anymore.

"To be honest with you, it's nice just to kind of focus on football," he said. "I mean, he is a great teammate. I respect him greatly. But, again, like you were saying, a lot of the focus right now is on football, is really talking about how we're gonna form this team to win some ball games next year."

Shots fired? Eh, not really. But, it's kinda crazy to hear how much guys love Tebow but don't want him on their team. It makes us wonder if there's anyone left in Denver who actually misses the guy.

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[via NFL Around the League]