You get what you pay for? Not really. If that were the case then the Yankees would be on a 13-year championship run (the Bombers have had the highest MLB payroll each year since 1999). Unfortunately, things like actual play on the field and injuries all factor into which teams are built for a World Series title.

Michael Pineda is the latest Yankee acquisition to fall victim to injury. New York picked up the coveted 23-year-old pitcher from Seattle this past offseason in exchange for top hitting prospect, Jesus Montero. Pineda complained of shoulder pain throughout spring training and a recent diagnosis revealed that the pain is due to a labrum tear. The injury will require season-ending surgery and Pineda is not expected to return until May 2013 at the earliest.

Yikes. It's not good to wish bad on anyone but we know some of you Yankees haters have a smirk on your face right now. #dontlie

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