In his first X Games event ever, 18-year-old Chad Kerley destroyed the competition in BMX Street at X Games Asia, taking Gold by a 10-point margin. Kerley impressed the judges in Shanghai, China with combinations of 540 hops, hang fives, manuals, and a slew of technical grinds. His score of 86.0 beat out second-place finisher Jeremiah Smith's 76.0 and third place Bruno Hoffman's 74.0. The victory is a great lead-in for the upcoming Chad Kerley Vitamin Water Invitational that he is hosting in Chicago on May 12 and also secures his spot at X Games 2012 in Los Angeles in June. There isn't a whole lot coming out of China just yet, but we found what appears to be some unconfirmed footage of Kerley's runs on YouTube below. 

[via ESPN]