Nissan is looking at putting a smaller engine in the Z for the next generation, but are being very unclear as to what that actually means. Here are the options:

  1. The next Z has a smaller engine, will be called the 200Z or some such.
  2. The next Z will have two engine choices, leaving us with a 200Z and a 370Z.
  3. The next Z will stay the same and we will also be given a BRZ/FR-S competitor... perhaps called 200SX.

We're really hoping for the latter, and we think that Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura is too. When the Sydney Morning Herald asked him if Nissan could support three sports cars (GT-R, 370Z, and new lightweight car) Nakamura replied, "If there is a market, we will do it." 

We think he's waiting to see how the new coupes from Toyota Scion and Subaru do before moving forward in earnest.

[via Sydney Morning Herald]

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