How does a former NFL player go from earning over $40 million throughout his football career to being flat out broke when his playing days are done? While it may be hard to believe, this is the situation facing Warren Sapp. Yesterday, the former defensive tackle filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida after building up a debt that became too out of control for Sapp to manage. 

According to TMZ, Sapp owes more than $6.7 million to various creditors, which includes "hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments and alimony to at least 4 different baby mamas." In addition, Sapp says that he needs to pay $853,000 to the IRS for 2006, another $89,000 for 2010 and $2,858 in medical bills for "Corrective Speech and Language Therapy." 

And if things couldn't get worse, Sapp also claims that he lost his 2002 Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his 1991 national championship ring from Miami. While hearing about an NFL player facing financial difficulties isn't anything new, it's kind of hard to imagine Warren Sapp encountering these types of problems. Why, you ask? The filing documents also reveal that Sapp is currently earning $45,000 per month and $540,000 per year as an analyst for NFL Network. So, unless he turns his life around and becomes one of these former athletes, the future looks very grim for Mr. Sapp.  

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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