You know when rappers make a really shitty song, but guarantee radio and club success by making a video with a super catchy hook and easy-to-learn dance move? Scion just made the television commercial version of that. We aren't saying that this car is shitty, we're just saying they used the well-known formula for viral video success. Everybody loves laughing, everybody loves donuts (both the car kind and the food kind), and a large majority of guys like girls in bikinis spilling some sort of liquid all over themselves. Take those three things and you get the new Scion iQ commercial, a video that some would consider sleazy or distasteful. 

It's cool, though. Scion covered itself by making fun of the same video by reversing the roles and using ripped gentlemen in the same scenario. "Girls 'N' Donuts" in video one below, "Dudes 'N' Donuts" in video two. 

[via BuzzFeed]

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