Once a dominant force in the World Rally Championship, Toyota seems to be inching closer to rejoining the field with Ford, Citroen, MINI and Volkswagen. Apparently the Japanese company has been testing a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine in Cologne and will likely place the engine in a Yaris. 

"We’re leaning towards an S2000-style of car which would be available for customers first," said a Toyota Motorsport GmbH spokesman. "This is a development project, but it’s very early days - the engine only fired up for the first time a few weeks ago - at the very earliest, a car won’t be available until next year. Obviously, this being a Global Race Engine, it could go in any car, but the Yaris seems to make sense.”

We're both interested to see how the Yaris performs and excited to see Toyota jumping back into competition. 

[via World Rally Championship]

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