What's with all the violence against NBA mascots these days? A few weeks ago, the Cavaliers mascot Moondog got punched in the face by Pacers forward David West. And now the Phoenix Suns Gorilla that we've all come to know and love for his acrobatic slam dunks has been victimized, too.

The Gorilla made an appearance at a Dave & Buster's in Tempe, Ariz. recently and met with a large gathering of fans. After trying to high-five a guy who was a Heat fan and being turned down, the Gorilla playfully kicked the man to the delight of the crowd. However, the man didn't take too kindly to the kick and he punched the Gorilla dead in the face, causing the guy underneath the Gorilla mask to catch a nose bleed. A police report was then filed, but neither party decided to press charges.

We're not sure how yet. But, this is totally LeBron's fault!

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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