When it comes to relaxation, it doesn't get much better than hanging out on a boat all day, only to return home and unwind in the hot tub. But what if you didn't have to wait to get into your hot tub? What if you didn't have to choose between the boat and the tub? Introducing the newest invention in water flotation relaxation: The Hot Tub Boat. Let's run through a few basics:
  • The water is heated by a small, diesel-fired boiler
  • There is no set price yet. 
  • The company is based in Seattle, Wash. and hopes to get rentals started this May. 
  • You drive with mechanical and/or remote steering and throttle. 
  • The maximum of six people are allowed. 
  • Sadly, no alcohol is allowed on the hot tub boat. 
The concept is so popular, that reservations have already been closed. 

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