Record: 19 - 38
Last Week's Rank: 27
Last Week's Results: L @ LA Lakers 87-91, (Tue); L @ Portland 88-101, (Wed); W vs. Washington 110-98, (Fri); W vs. Cleveland 122-117, (Sun)
This Week: @ Dallas, Tuesday (4/10); @ New Orleans, Wednesday (4/11); @ Oklahoma City, Friday (4/13); vs. Portland, Sunday (4/15)
Talk tough and do tough things? DeMarcus Cousins knows all about the first part of that phrase but nothing about the latter. Cousins called Blake Griffin an actor after the two got physical in their matchup on Thursday. Now maybe it's the fact that DeMarcus is playing on a team that's currently 15 games behind the Clippers. Maybe it's because he's not getting the same kind of endorsement cake Griffin is (though DeMarcus is putting up similar stats). Is it because L.A.'s groupies >>> Sac-Town's jumpoffs? There's a million reasons why Cousins could be frustrated but he should really unleash that rage on his teammates in the locker room. His squad is an embarrassment and we're running out of adjectives to describe their poor play. #only3moreweeks —Ralph Warner