Craigslist is an extremely useful tool for finding anything from a new stereo set to the girl with the pink polka dots that you saw in Dunkin Donuts eating a bear claw and drinking a mocha iced coffee. Somewhere in between there, you can find car listings.

Now, some have an issue with Craigslist because it looks like it's stuck in the '90s. It's a bit boring to look at, so one Seattle user took matters into his own hands to make 1995 pop. He used some basic Photoshop skills, a bright yellow background, extensive lies and unicorns to resurrect his Pontiac Grand AM GT aka JESUS TAP-DANCING CHRIST. If you want a vehicle that is 99.9965 percent off the original price, will make you irresistible to every woman on the planet, and that is the best Pontiac (R.I.P.) ever, look no more. CALL JOE NOW. 

[via Craigslist]