Date: 7/12/1951 and 9/28/1951
Some teams go 50 years without pitching a no-hitter. (OK, one team, the Mets. How'd you guess?) The Yankees—one pitcher to b exact—do that in the span of three months. On July 12, Allie Reynolds dueled with Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians with both pitchers carrying no hitters deep into the game. Mickey Mantle broke Feller's run in the 6th but the Indians weren't able to get a hit on Reynolds and the Yankees won 1-0.

The second no-no came in the first of a double header against the Red Sox when a win was needed to guarantee a tie for the pennant. They ended up winning the game, the pennant, and the World Series that year thanks to Reyonlds' rare form that season.