Date: 7/23/2009
Game: Regular Season Game vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Considering the circumstances of DeWayne Wise's impossible catch-drop-catch, we're calling it the greatest defensive play in White Sox history. Three outs away from a perfect game, Tampa's Gabe Kapler ripped a ball into the gap to the collective sigh of the U.S. Cellular Field crowd.

With his shoulders squared to home plate, the Wise turned and sprinted toward the warning track. As he approached the fence he kicked off of the wall padding and desperately threw his glove in the air—the ball stuck. Wise completed a shoulder roll and bobble before securing the ball to the coronary-induced delight of Sox commentator Hawk Harrelson who screamed "Makes the catch! DeWayne Wise makes the catch!" We called this the greatest defensive play in White Sox history—but forget that—one of the greatest defensive plays in baseball history.