Sport: Football
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 2x Super Bowl Champion, 2x NFL MVP, 2004 Super Bowl MVP, 6x Pro Bowler, 2x All-Pro First Team
113-32. That's Tom Buttchin's won-lost record during the Complex Decade. The general of the New England Patriots might have some suspect hair choices and the dancing ability of an injured gorilla but on average he wins 12 games a year. It doesn't matter what you put around him, who he faces, the conditions, his age, whether him and Giselle had a fight pre-game, anything, Brady just diabolically destroys his opponents. During our era he's won two championships, two MVP trophies, and thrown 50 touchdowns in a season. He's also married to one of the hottest women on Earth who's a ride or die chick to boot. You'd almost think he doesn't know how to lose.