Sport: Skier
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 5x X Games Medalist (4 Gold, 1 Silver)
Sarah Burke has the most difficult and sad story of anybody on this list. At the age of 29, Burke had already achieved what many couldn't dream of doing in 80. Unfairly, those 29 years turned out to be the only time she had. In a horrific accident during practice at Park City Ski Resort in Utah, she hit her head on the halfpipe, fell into a coma and subsequently passed away due to a ruptured vertebral artery. Burke has truly been one of the most inspirational and most accomplished women in sports history, breaking down every barrier in the female action world. She used her freeskiing talents to win four X Games gold medals and was the first female to land 720s, 900s, and 1080s. Had she not had the accident there is no doubt she would likely be a major player in the next Complex Decade as well.