Sport: Baseball
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 2x Cy Young Award Winner (1 in AL,1 in NL), 8x All-Star
If you looked up the word "complete" in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Roy Halladay's face with a tip that says "see also: Roy Halladay's left arm." He has easily been one of the most consistent and most reliable baseball players on the face of the planet since '02, winning at least 16 games in eight of the nine completed seasons and maintaing a sub-3.00 ERA six times. Add that to the fact that he's racked up 42 complete games over the past five seasons, pitching no less then 225 innings per year over that span, and it's tough to find somebody more impressive. Plus we love that he was doing most of his damage in the AL East against the Yankees and Red Sox.