Sport: Boxing
Bonafides From 2002-2012: IBO, WBC, The Ring and IBF Welterweight Champion, Former WBC Lightweight, Middleweight, and Super Middleweight Champion, 14-0-0 (5 KOs)
Cocky, brash, arrogant or whatever other synonyms you want to call him, Floyd is still the best pound-for-pound boxer today. His legacy is going to take a hit if he never fights Manny, but Money May is yet to be challenged and hasn't wasted a chance at letting folks know that. His hands are quicker than his peers' and his defense is impenetrable. He's easily the greatest boxer of this generation. Whether that much anticipated fight goes down or not, Mayweather is still great for boxing. His braggadocios personality keeps people talking about the sport while MMA takes over the country. All the shit folks talk about him, but they're always glued to the TV in hopes that he'll take is first defeat.