The day has finally arrived. Nigel Sylvester and Network A premiered the first episode of "Get Sylvester" this morning, launching the series with fun and dynamic footage of his trip to Barcelona. Viewers get personally commentary from Nigel, as well as video of him hitting new spots and partying the night away. To him, the bike isn't just a way for him to make money. 

"The bike has been such a significant tool for me," he says. "Not only has it gotten me from point A to point B in my neighborhood, from my house to the store or from a spot to a friend's house, it has also got me from point A to point B in life."

As he rides around Barcelona, the 24-year-old compares hitting a new spot to a musician getting that perfect beat or an artist getting a blank canvas to work with. Anytime he finds new territory, he wants to do something that nobody has done and something that the next 10 people won't think about doing. Look for episode two coming soon.