Mario Balotelli is back in the news again. And, as usual, it's for all the wrong reasons.

After Manchester City played to a disappointing 3-3 Premier League draw with Sunderland on Saturday, the controversial striker and his teammate Yaya Toure reportedly had a confrontation in the locker room and had to be separated by Yaya's brother Kolo. It's not the first time the two have squared off, either. Just last month, Balotelli and Yaya got all up in one another's grills after a loss to Swansea. And Balotelli has also been involved in fights with teammates Jerome Boateng and Micah Richards in practices this year.

All of that has Manchester City manager Robert Mancini seriously considering whether or not Balotelli is going to be a part of the Man City roster moving forward—despite the fact that he scored two goals on Saturday. And he showed his disappointment in him through his comments after the Sunderland match.

"Mario played like I said about him before the game," said Mancini. "He can do nothing, like he did today for 70 minutes, but then score two goals. I don't like it when he plays like this. Mario has everything to do his job well, but he doesn't understand very well his situation. In a game like this, the striker should be the difference. Not in the last two or three minutes, but before."

You've heard of a guy being a "cancer" to his team, right? Well, we don't love the term. But with his team struggling right now, Balotelli definitely fits the description. Let's hope he pulls it together—and pulls it together fast—before Man City gives up on him. Enough of the shenanigans, man.

[via The Telegraph]

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