Kobe Bryant has some strong words of advice for Blake Griffin. If he wants other players to stop delivering hard fouls on him, he needs to stop dunking on them and start doing something else.

"I'd smack the fuck out of somebody," Kobe said yesterday. "I've known him for awhile and he's a really nice guy so I don't know if he'd want to do that. But, I would. I've done it early in the year…I saw Shaq crack somebody his first year. I did it my first few years. Sometimes people feel like they can take advantage of you, they hit you and this, that, and the other. Sometimes you have to say, 'Look, you're not going to do this to me. I'll take two games but you're not going to put my health at risk by injuring me potentially. It's not going to happen.'"

Probably not the worst advice in the world. But, uhhhhhhh…Kobe? David Stern is on the line for you. And, he doesn't sound very happy.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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