Late last month, we told you about Allene Wynn, the 105-year-old Lakers fan who had some not-so-nice things to say about Kobe Bryant. Over the weekend, Wynn actually got the chance to meet KB24 before the Lakers played against the Hornets. And, although she was happy to meet him, she stayed true to her word and told Kobe that she didn't like the way he's been playing this season.

"It just made me feel good all over to meet him in person," she said after the meeting. "I've been wanting to meet him for years. I got to touch him. I shook hands with him and hugged him. I said, 'Wait, let me hug you, baby." I told him what I thought about his playing. I said, 'You don't play like I want you to play.' I said, 'I done came all the way over here and I don't want to see none of that sorry stuff.'"

Unfortunately, that's exactly what she saw as Kobe shot 3-for-21 and scored just 11 points. But, he did hit the game-winning 3, so at least she had something to cheer about.

[via ESPN Los Angeles]

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