Tim Tebow made Time's just-released annual list of their "100 Most Influential People in the World." No surprise there, right? The guy's a backup QB for the Jets right now and, outside of maybe Peyton Manning, he's the one NFL player everyone will have their eyes on next season. He does a lot of important things off the field, too, so we weren't shocked in the least to see his name appear on the list this year alongside people like President Barack Obama, Warren Buffett, and even Rihanna. What we were a little surprised to see, though, is that Time tapped Jeremy Lin to write Tebow's entry.

"Watching Tim Tebow play football, you can observe many things about his character," Lin writes. "You see the fierce competitiveness, his strong work ethic, and how he is a leader that his teammates trust and respect."

He continues: "But it is the qualities that Tim, 24, embodies in his life off the field that truly set him apart. He is unashamed of his convictions and faith, and he lives a life that consistently reflects his values, day in and day out. Through his foundation, he constantly reaches out to people and communities in need of hope. He realizes what he has been blessed with and seeks to help those who are worse off. As athletes, we pour our hearts into winning games. Tim is a reminder that life is about much more than that."

Oh, and just for the record, Lin made the list, too. Which means that Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin are repping for athletes everywhere on Time's list this year. Who woulda thought?

[via Time]

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