Injuries have been and will always be a part of sports. But what happens when a slight tweak or tear becomes far worse and possibly career-ending? That's the concern facing Chicago's Derrick Rose. At only 23 years old, Rose has built up quite the impressive résumé. However, much of his NBA career has been plagued by one sideline stint after another.

For a large portion of this shortened NBA season, Rose has spend a lot of time nursing his right foot and ankle injuries. But who's to blame for the recurring DL visits? According to Chicago's star point guard, it may have a lot to do with how the Bulls' training staff has treated his ailments. 

Rose's frustration with feeling isolated by his fame was documented in a recent article in GQ Magazine, but the All-Star point guard is also troubled by the lack of attentiveness to concerns he's raised to the Bulls, a member of his camp told
Among those issues is the fact that Rose's most recent ailments-a sprained right ankle and sore right foot-were exacerbated by the team's training staff's insistence on taping his ankles, a practice Rose has consistently fought against, opting instead for ankle braces.
First reported during the nationally-televised broadcast of the Bulls' Thursday-evening loss at Miami, Rose has suffered fluid build-up in his ankles, which the player himself acknowledged before the team's Wednesday morning shoot-around in Charlotte, but the cause is reportedly his ankles being taped too tightly.
That information was confirmed to by a source familiar with the situation, but when asked about the report following Thursday's loss to the Heat, Thibodeau replied, "I haven't heard that. I don't know where this stuff comes from. We've got a great medical staff, I can tell you that."

For anyone familiar with Derrick Rose and his demeanor already know that he will not go out and publicly criticize the franchise. Yet, if there's a legitimate concern that the training staff isn't giving him the proper medical advice or treatment, Rose will eventually need to step up and express how he feels. The last thing we want is for his budding career to end early because of something that could have been avoided.      

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