When the Washington Redskins traded their 2012, 2013 and 2014 first-round picks (not to mention one second-rounder) for the second choice in this year's NFL Draft from the St. Louis Rams, the goal was simple: Get a franchise quarterback. Yesterday, the 'Skins did just that and selected Robert Griffin III out of Baylor. After leading his team to their first bowl win since 1992, RGIII also went on to become the first Bears player to receive the Heisman Trophy. With a new, young QB behind center, the Washington fans have a renewed faith in their long-suffering franchise and with good reason.  

Earlier this week, we got to briefly talk with RGIII at the Conversion Sports and Entertainment "NFL Pre-Draft Luxury Gifting and Style Suite" event, organized by CC Carnie, to see what his emotions were like leading up to the big day and what he expects from the Washington faithful and his new teammates.   

Interview by Jose Martinez (@ZayMarty)

What are your thoughts going into the 2012 NFL Draft?

It feels great. It’s a dream come true. When that moment happens and they call your name, even if we know where we’re going, our hearts are still going to be beating fast. And as we walk across that stage, it will be the realization that all the highs and the lows accumulated to us being drafted into the NFL. That’s what every kid dreams of and I’m lucky enough to experience it.

Now that you're stepping into that next level, what is something you’re looking forward to experiencing in the NFL?

I’m looking forward to meeting new teammates, coaches, fanbase…everything will be new. So, you might as well accept that fact and forget about what got you there. Don’t forget about the school or anything like that. Just know that now that you’re in that new city, you’re with those new people and you have to mold, not necessarily fit in. But you have to make an impact and not worry about how you did it in college because if you come in there thinking “I’m the man” because everyone in the draft was “the man” in college. If you do that, your teammates won’t be receptive. You have to prove it to them and that’s what I plan on doing.