Earlier today, we told you about how Delonte West hit Gordon Hayward with a "dry Willie" last night. Shortly after we put up that post, someone left a comment on our story indicating that West also called Hayward a "pussy white boy" after hitting him with the "dry Willie" (just for the record, we dunno how often we're gonna get to use the term "dry Willie" in the future so we're trying to use it as often as we can today!). And now, we finally have a reaction from Hayward himself about the "dry Willie" in question. He claims that he was so mad after West delivered the "dry Willie" that he was ready to knuckle up with him.

"I wanted to fight right there," Hayward said today, "but you can't do that. It wouldn't have been a smart idea. I'd risk getting a technical foul, getting suspended for the season, whatever. There's more important things than fighting someone out on the court. The more important thing was getting the win and we were able to do that."

Well, you definitely came out of this looking like the bad guy, Delonte. Next time, do yourself a favor and keep your hands to yourself. Or, at the very least, make that "dry Willie" a wet one, mmkay?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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