Before the start of the regular season, the Minnesota Twins let go of their up-and-coming prospect, Reggie Williams. With plenty of time on his hands, the former standout took to Twitter to express his feelings towards homosexuality. Um, big mistake. Now, before you read this, let us tell you that this guy claims that he is not homophobic in the slightest. You can be the judge of that. 

First, Williams starts off with a question. But then he decides that he's singling a certain sect of people out, so he expands the criteria of his inquiry. Then, Reggie gets into a Twitter spat with some person named @cillaaaaaaa_ on the social media site. That is when the real homophobic and ignorant remarks really come out. 

Again...let us reiterate that dude claims to not have a hateful bone in his body towards gay people. Are you convinced at all?

Eventually, Reggie goes into full-on apology mode, but we're pretty sure that the damage is already done. So...any MLB teams want to take a chance on this headcase? Yup, we didn't think so.  

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[via Deadspin]

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