We knew David Stern was power mad and crazy, but this power mad and crazy? Calling him "his favorite player since Shandon Anderson—and, really, that's saying a lot," NBA commissioner David Stern suspended voting on the league's Most Valuable Player award and invoked "executive privilege" to bestow the L's most coveted individual trophy to the Nuggets newly acquired power forward JaVale McGee at halftime of tonight's Denver-Orlando game.

Citing McGee's willingness to "always be the first man back on defense" and his "never-say-die approach to shot-blocking" Stern called the former Wizard problem child "the face of the new 'I Just Don't Give a Fuck' NBA I'm trying to promote." Call us crazy, but we'd give the MVP to LeBron or D-Rose or even Chris Bosh before we'd give it to Javale McGee. But if the nickname catches on, we'd like to point out that we were the first to call him "McGale."

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