Since separating from his ex-wife a few years ago, Alex Rodriguez has been tied to a number of different high-profile women. There was that weird thing he had with Madonna. Then, he dated Cameron Diaz for awhile. And, most recently, he's been spotted with Torrie Wilson. But, for the most part, he's been super secretive about those relationships. Until now. A-Rod sat down with The Insider host Kevin Frazier recently for a segment that'll air tonight in which he opens up a lot about his love life. And, during the segment, he reveals that he thinks he's found his new role model when it comes to women.

"I think my new hero is George Clooney," he told Frazier. "He's my new role model. I think he's done it right."

Ha! We're sure Ms. Wilson is thrilled to hear that. You sure do have a way with the ladies, Alex. How 'bout you try comparing notes with your buddy Derek Jeter sometime?

[via New York Post]

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