Go ahead and say who you think this story is about. It's OK. We can't really blame for you thinking that way.

But, we've got news for you, Lakers fans. This story isn't about Kobe Bryant. It's not about Andrew Bynum. And, no: It's not about Metta World Peace (yay!). Instead, it's about Jordan Hill, who was just charged with a third-degree felony for allegedly assaulting one of his family members back in late February. According to ESPN's Rich Bucher, Hill allegedly tried to choke a member of his family on February 29, shortly before he was traded to the Lakers by the Rockets in exchange for Derek Fisher.

This was Hill's reaction to the news when it broke earlier this afternoon:

Yep. Our thoughts exactly. We're sure this isn't the last we'll hear about this, either. Stay tuned.

[via ESPN]

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