Regular Season Series: Heat won 3-1
What To Watch For: The Knicks have tremendous depth, and when JR Smith is feeling it, and Steve Novak's raining, their bench can stack points in a hurry. They've closed out the season on fire and are playing their best basketball right now.

Forget the fabricated stories about their shortcomings and tireless appearances on SportsCenter's “Panic Meter,” the regular season never mattered to the Heat, it's always been about the Playoffs. In last season's Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron blanketed Derrick Rose in the fourth quarter and Mr. MVP never so much as caught a glimpse at the backboard—expect that kind of intensity out of Miami.

Our Prediction: Heat in 6. The only storylines more played than Jeremy Lin feel-goods have been the Knicks-are-for-real ones. Sure, New York has closed out the season hot but they're always on the verge, never proven, and until they turn the corner, they're still the fucking Knicks. Don't get it twisted.