Regular Season Series: Bulls won 2-1
What To Watch For: Derrick Rose has traded in his jersey for a hospital gown and will likely play this whole series wearing a neck brace and leg cast. But even if Rose runs point with Brian Scalabrine pushing him around in a wheel chair, he'll still stagger his way to 20 points, eight assists, and if they need him to, he'll close out games at the free throw line.

Thinking he was still at Ohio State and, you know, relevant, Sixers guard Evan Turner fired the first obligatory, unprovoked shot of the first round, saying of Philly's No. 8 seed and missed date with the Miami Heat, "It means we're dodging the tougher team." Nothing like some chest beating from a role-playing bust to remind you it's playoff time.

Our Prediction: Bulls in 5. Philly struggles to create offense, their leading scorer is a backup point guard who averages less than 15 points per game. That's a tough matchup (we don't care what Evan Turner says) because Chicago might play the league's best team defense. Doug Collins was everyone's preemptive pick for Coach of the Year when the Sixers came out the gate 20-9, but they've since come back down to Earth and crash-landed into the Playoffs as the East's No. 8 seed. This should be a quick series.