Nicki Minaj's sophomore album doesn't come out until April 3, but like most heavy-hitting projects, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded leaked yesterday, sending the blogs into a frenzy. It didn't take long before the most anticipated track, "Champion" was posted all over the Internet. The song is the most feature-heavy from the album with the likes of Drake, Young Jeezy, and Nas all contributing verses. Although Nas probably had the most lyrically powerful verse on the song, Jeezy certainly came correct with the sports mentions. Considering the album isn't out yet, and this isn't an officially released single, we'll let you do the google search to follow along. Check his lines below. 

"Straight ballin' in this bitch, Jeremy Lin, Melo
Tell me one thing you won't do, settle 
Gimme one word for your chain, yellow
Pocket full of money, black card, ghetto
Critics say I ain't in the game, A.I.
This is how you deal with the fame, stay high"

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