Gimme The Loot

When: January 2012
Who's Ducking:

This is the one that left every fan out there with a terrible case of blue balls (II). Finally we had Floyd Mayweather publicly calling out Manny Pacquiao via Twitter. The two even spoke to one another on the phone. Shit, the American justice system pushed back Floyd Mayweather's 90-day sentence after a domestic violence conviction to make this super fight happen. But as usual, money and politics got in the way. First there was Bob Arum who publicly stated that Manny Pacquiao would be able to fight in May (when it looked like Mayweather would be unable to fight because of his sentencing). However, Arum changed his tune when Mayweather's sentencing was pushed back to June making a May 5 fight possible, saying Pacquiao would need more time to heal from a cut suffered in his November bout with Juan Manuel Marquez. After public criticism for that reason, Arum then explained how it wouldn't make sense to fight at the MGM Grand when a potential $40 million more could be made once a larger outdoor stadium was erected in June.

Those hurdles were apparently cleared when Mayweather and Pacquiao cut out both the middle men and talked to one another directly over the phone on January 19. Then Floyd's greed got in the way. Money Mayweather offered Pac-Man $30 million leaving Mayweather with all the Pay-Per-View earnings which have been estimated at around $160M. Obviously that didn't fly with Pacquiao nor Bob Arum so negotiations once again fell thru and we're left with Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto in May and Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley in June. In other words, some shit we're probably only going to tune into if there's no MMA on that night.

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