Industry Rule No. 4080

When: 2006
Who's Ducking: Neither

The way tensions have heightened between these two, you would think that Pac-Man and Money are lifelong rivals, that they have always hated each other. What people don't realize is that before thoughts of a mega-fight between the two were even considered, there was plenty of drama between the fighters and their promoters. After 10 years of working with Bob Arum and Top Rank, Mayweather broke out of his shackles in 2006, uppercutting Arum in the process. "You wouldn't let me be me," Mayweather said to Arum. Money accused Arum of taking money that was rightfully his, under-promoting him, and exploiting his talents.

Around the same time, Manny Pacquiao was toeing a fickle line as well. In September of 2006, he signed a seven-fight deal with Golden Boy at a secret dinner right before he was expected to sign a long-term deal with Top Rank and Arum. Two months later, after his third fight with Morales, Pac made it clear that he was returning his Golden Boy signing bonus and following through with Top Rank. Golden Boy sued Top Rank and Pacquiao for breach of contract, racketeering, and fraud. And thus, a tangled web between the four was already being weaved.