Ellen DeGeneres is great about using her show to highlight and celebrate others that have consistently and humbly displayed their selfless characteristics. She's also great about getting big names to appear on her show. Tapping both abilities, Ellen brought pop sensation Justin Bieber on her show to celebrate his 18th birthday (yes, ladies, he's officially legal now). 

To reward the young adult for being so giving and great to his fans (he had a Make-A-Wish kid for all 86 North American shows and requested no cameras), Bieb's main man Scooter Braun got him a special gift. Despite Braun's persistent instruction not to get anything flashy, he bent his rules a bit and bought a $100,000 electric Fisker Karma, an extremely rare American sports car from the mind of Henrik Fisker. The vehicle gets its power from a dual-power 402-horsepower hybrid engine. Get ready, homie, you just added thousands of tree-hugging babes to the millions of girls already in love with you. 

[via Daily Mail]

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