UCLA Basketball head coach Ben Howland's job might be hanging by a thread. Hard to believe since he resurrected a storied program after leaving Pitt to take the job in 2003. In an article written by SI's George Dorhmann, Ben Howland has been accused of running a frat-house that would give the Deltas a run for their money. Stories of weed-smoking and Ecstasy use are told by former players. Former star recruit Reeves Perry is the central focus, though. His behavior and Howland's blind eye towards it has made the Bruins three straight Final Four appearances in recent years seem obsolete.

Reeves has been accused of pissing on teammates' clothes and kicking basketballs into the stands of Pauley Pavilion and telling freshmen equipment managers to fetch (What a dick!). Coach Howland's verbal abuse towards players and preferential treatment of star players is talked about as well.

[via Sports Illustrated]

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