Are you tired of college athletes starving, while the universities they represent get fat? Well have no fear. Former UCLA star Ed O' Bannon is heading a group of former collegiate athletes that are suing the NCAA for profiting from their images after their amateur careers. This particular lawsuit has a chance to hit the NCAA where it hurts and open the door for a long overdue pay-to-play system. 

New York Times columnist Joe Nocera (with the help from a couple economists) has done a ton of research on the matter and has developed a five element plan to get college kids monetarily-compensated for their contributions to their respective institutions. He suggests that teams offer contracts to players during the recruiting process, a salary cap, 6-year scholarships, lifetime health insurance, and a players' union. All his elements are broken down to the finest details and they serve as a step in the right direction to get this conversation going.

Read it here.

[via The New York Times]