At 35, Tim Duncan isn't really "old" by normal standards. Hell, the guy isn't even technically middle-aged yet, so calling him "old" is sort of a slap in the face. But, in terms of the NBA, he might as well be 100. He's played 13 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs now and it's clear that he's on the final leg of his career (literally!).

You wouldn't think the Spurs would be quick to point that out, though. And yet, Duncan didn't play in last night's Spurs game against the Philadelphia 76ers, and rather than make up some BS excuse as to why he didn't play—"rest" is always our favorite—the team came right out and revealed why he didn't play on the box score. As you can see, they listed Duncan as out and wrote "DNP - Old" next to his name.

Damn, dude. Even your own team thinks you're old as dirt! Ha. Guess that really does make it official.

[via Ball Don't Lie]

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