Talk about your past coming back to haunt you.

Tiger Woods has every reason in the world to be excited about The Masters this year. He won his first tournament in forever last week. He's being favored by a bunch of bookmakers to win at Augusta. And it seems like he's ready to take home another green jacket. However, there is one thing happening next week that he probably isn't very happy with right now.

According to the New York Post, three of Tiger's former mistresses—Devon James, Holly Sampson, and Joslyn James—are set to star together in an X-rated flick called 3 Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World's Greatest Golfer. It'll be released on April 3, one day after the start of Masters Week. And while it doesn't sound like it'll feature any action between the three mistresses, it will feature an in-depth Q&A session with all three of them answering questions about Tiger's behavior behind closed doors.

"Any time three women get together to talk about the same guy, the results are going to be more than interesting," the film's director told the Post. "Now, when these women also happen to be adult stars that have sex for a living, and reveal they have been with the same guy, you can be sure they'll share absolutely everything."

In other words, expect them to put a little bit of a damper on Tiger's big week. Guess that's just the price he's gotta pay for his past.

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[via NY Post]

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