So. Much. Talent. The 2012 Women’s NCAA Tournament features a plethora of good teams, some excellent teams, a couple elite teams, and one team that is seemingly unstoppable – the perfect mix for an entertaining, intense tournament, no? Admittedly, the way this bracket is structured, it’s difficult to think anyone other than undefeated Baylor will end up dancing away with the ‘chip. Still, stranger things have happened.

Take last year, for example – it was the first final in nearly 30 years that didn’t feature a No. 1 seed. So, the question becomes, Can anyone find a way to stop Baylor’s Brittney Griner? Can she really be that good? (Note: Yes, she can. And, she is.) Yet, last year, Skylar Diggins of Notre Dame showed us how much a single player can impact their team’s collective success. Ultimately, if any team wants to advance to the Final Four in Denver, it’s up to a select group of players to impose their will on the opponent no matter what cost. But other than Diggins and Griner, who has it in them to take their team to the next level? Breaking down the players who have the ability to make that happen is women’s basketball legend, Hall of Famer, and ESPN analyst, Rebecca Lobo.