160 days. That's how long you still have to wait until the NFL kicks off the 2012-13 season. But, we've got some good news for you, too. At the very least, we now know who will be playing on September 5th when the NFL kicks things off. And the matchup is a doozy.

In one corner stands Eli Manning and the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. In the other, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. You want to see a quality start to the NFL season? Then you won't want to miss this.

Oh, and as if that wasn't exciting enough, the game will also be extra special this season because it'll air on a Wednesday night—instead of on a Thursday as it usually does—because President Obama will be giving a speech at the Democratic National Convention on September 6th and the NFL doesn't want to interfere with it. That means we'll get football back one day sooner than we would otherwise.

So, are you ready for some football? Then start counting down the days...

[via CBS Sports]

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