Everyone is waiting on pins and needles to see where Dwight Howard is going to end up playing after the NBA trade deadline tomorrow. Will he play for the Lakers? The Bulls? The Nets? Back with the Magic? Who the fuck really cares knows? We're all waiting on pins and needles because we just want it to be over with already. The soap opera that is Dwight Howard's upcoming free agency has already worn out its welcome.

The NBA, however, apparently didn't want to wait until Thursday to find out where Howard is headed. So they went out on a limb last night and took a guess by posting a Dwight Howard Nets T-shirt up for sale on the NBA Store website. And they didn't just post it. They made things even more awkward by posting it during a Magic game against the Heat.

The post has since been removed and, unfortunately, you can't get a Howard Nets T-shirt. Well, not yet anyway. But, tomorrow? Well, we guess you'll just have to wait and see...

[via Eye On Basketball]

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