Did Auburn University point guard Varez Ward engage in point shaving during college basketball games this season? That's the question the FBI is trying to answer right now. According to a new report released by Yahoo! Sports earlier today, the FBI has been investigating Ward since late February and the investigation stems from Auburn games that took place against Alabama and Arkansas earlier in the season.

In one game against Arkansas in January, Ward played just 19 seconds before leaving the game with an injury to his right leg. In the other, he scored just three points and had six turnovers in a blowout loss to Alabama in early February. He's been benched by Auburn since February 25 and it doesn't appear he'll be back with the team anytime soon. Another player Chris Denson was also questioned by the FBI, but he's since returned to the team.

"Auburn officials were made aware of a rumor regarding an allegation two weeks ago and immediately reported it to the FBI, the NCAA, and the SEC," Auburn said in a statement today. "Because of the nature of the allegation, Auburn is not in a position to make any further comment on the situation."

Basically, stay tuned. This could turn into a really shitty situation for the school. Oh, and just to be sure: Lay off the Tigers for the rest of the year. Better safe than sorry—and broke!

[via Yahoo! Sports]

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