This is how weird the NBA continues to be in this strange, tortured, and oddly compelling season: In the most shocking development of the week leading up to the trade deadline, one of the league's elite (or almost elite at least) stunned everybody by not trading their superstar. Of course it's not like Orlando actually had any say in the matter. But now that speculation season is over, it's time for the stretch run of actual games. In the West, nobody's made a real challenge to Oklahoma City's chokehold on the No. 1 spot, while five teams are within four games of the final playoff berth. The East is exactly the opposite: Miami and Chicago figure to duke it out until late April for the 1 seed, while it's just the Knicks and Bucks fighting for the last card to the playoffs. Spring is in the air, which can mean only one thing: Glorious, glorious playoff basketball is just weeks away. All that and more in the Complex NBA Power Rankings.